Favourite Wednesdays

Its Official!

Wednesdays are my favourite days of the week

 Ever since I was a teenager, my newly married big sister, Neuza, would pick me up from school and we would spend the afternoon together. That was our sister time, and nothing would interfere with it, no homework on my side and no clients on her side.

 It was our day to do whatever we wanted… Like what you may ask?  I will never tell!

But what I can say is that till today, after 24 years later we still find our sister time extremely precious.

What about today?

Wednesdays are STILL my favourite day of the week.

 Every Wednesday morning with my morning black honey coffee, I get in front of my Tablet and ZOOMIN with my NSI Family. All the NSI educators and sales representatives around South Africa make precious time to login for an hour, and boy oh boy do we have a blast!

 What do we talk about…? I will never tell!

But what I have realized is after 23 years of being a nail technician I still find our brand, NSI, exciting, informative, and inspirational. Not only to me but to our NSI Family, and soon, VERY SOON, we will be able to share some of our excitement with you all.


Watch this space


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