Often when teaching an extreme shape or intricate nail art design, Nail professionals will say: “but my clients don’t wear this”

My response: “do you wear them?”

Nail Pro: “No”.

and that’s where it all starts.

 Have you ever been to a coffee shop with friends, and after asking the waiter: “which cake is the best” they say: “I’ve never tasted them, they’re all good” … thought, mmm, I’ll stick to my cappuccino and complimentary biscuit?

Or better yet, how many times have you walked past someone who is wearing an outfit that you think looks gorgeous, and you just have to ask: “Excuse me, I LOVE your jacket, where did you get it? It looks stunning”. Besides the fact that your family has run for miles from embarrassment, did you get the point?

 If you want to sell something, WEAR IT!

A gel polish colour may not always be your favorite, but the moment you wear it, create a design, possibly embellish with glitter, “baby poo green” now looks pretty awesome in a “camo combo” with bright neon pink and gold chrome lines.  

An extreme shape like a Russian almond would seem insane to wear. This stunning shape grows on you and your client when YOU start to change your nails from a natural overlay to tapered extensions, then almond shaped. Next minute you have converted your nails to a gothic almond and now… Voila! You have a Russian Almond set that client will admire and soon as to have done.

 Never trust a “salesman” that does not use his product. Same as technicians, even though we are in the service industry we still need to sell our services and skills. Don’t be the waiter that never ate the cake, rather, be the tech that wears the amazing Jacket, and everyone around, just has to have it!

Wear it! Wear it proud




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