What’s your favourite…

What is your favourite part of doing nails?

 Structure has always been my favourite. The challenge of building an extremely deep smile, a balanced apex in its correct place, a 60% C curves, the technical theory behind it all, just gets me all excited for what I do.

It is my ULTIMATE favourite! I LOVE sculpting structured nails.

 Sadly, many nail techs of today will see an extremely long and outrageous shape on social media and comment, “that’s ridiculous, who would where those?” But aren’t you missing the point of it all?

 Think about it this way. When attending fashion or design school, part of the learning experience is to invent, design and create a garment or gadget that is more, “Avant Garde”. Even motor car companies have “concept cars” that we all “ogle” over. Most of those garments, gadgets or even concept cars are not practical, but we dream about them, and would love something as close as possible to it. These “designers spend fortunes in creating something to be desired, to set a trend, style or look.  Do you get the point now?

 Amazing Nail Artists that create Extremely Long or even XXL nails, are our “Avant Garde” designer in the nail industry… They are setting the trend! A Coffin shape comes from the crazy stunning super long “Stiletto”, the Gothic Almond is a softer more practical version of the “Russian Almond” and so on…

 The picture attached to this blog is a combination of SALON extreme shapes that have all become popular today because of an original Extreme Shape. These shapes are more acceptable by clients that are looking for something different and “out there”. To achieve these shapes it can be relatively easy, when you invest time and energy to understand the characteristics between them all.

 For those of you who know me, will know that I always tell my students and fellow nail artists...

“We are not just a nail technician; We are Nail Designers”, so go and set the Trend!

Why not create your own design today, and who knows you might come up with the next “Avant Garde” design in the industry for the future.


Now tell me, what is your favourite part of doing nails?

- Kats



  • Hi katia pls send me the account details I want to attend the course in feb

  • Could not agree more with you!! To me looking at these “outrageous” nails is the same it is for someone to go visit an art gallery and look at an abstract piece for hours.. That’s me with nails, in my head I breakdown the design in steps, figuring out how to get angles the different layers! Haha yes I might sound crazy but its true we are designers ❤️ I have no problem and still love doing “normal” nails but OH the excitement I get from a challenge!

    Marzanne Jonker

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