Winter Jersey- Create this Look

Winter Jersey by Katia Da Silva (NSI Global Educator)

 Creating this look was so much fun. When I first received some Tech gels and started to play, I fell in love with the creamy consistency and solid pigmented colouring of the gel. Besides the fact that after curing the first layer, it was Non-Tack! Now that for me is a huge bonus.

Anyone who know me, knows that I absolutely love to sugar anything with glitter. Immediately the glitter neuron in my brain ‘sparked’ up and said “Play  Time”. After pulling our my art brushes tips and glitter of course I created the designs in the picture below. One of them was the Winter Jersey.

Now I must add, that whenever I attempted this basic design, I struggled with finding a product that didn’t loose the velvet feel, was firm enough to hold it shape, the design was high enough and kept its colour. That is where Tech gel fits the purpose perfectly. So here goes, see a basic step by step of how to do this simple design below.


NSI Attraction Crystal Clear

NSI Tech Gel Brides Bouquet

Detailer Art Brush

If you decide to give it a go, please share your designs with us. Tag @nsisouthafrica and #nsifabulousnails into your posts.



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