Yup... I’m Essential!

If Covid has taught me one thing this year, it is that you need to trust in what’s Essential and important to you in life. Without a doubt family is priority and at the top of my list along with many other things like chocolate. They are my non negotiable and a must!

Family are my support and pillar. We laugh together, cry together, learn together and through it all we have STAX of fun!


When NSI decided to create a preparation product line whereby techs could have, for example 1 primer for all systems, it was so fitting then, that they called it, “Essentials”.


Think about it.

Preparation are our non negotiable, our Essential, in creating a successful nail enhancement. Prep products are what essentially supports strengthens and bonds our systems to the natural nail. So why go without it? Why substitute it with an inferior line? Or look for an easy way out?


As a tech who loves doing nails, there have been designs that I laughed at, designs that I cried at, design that I learnt a lot from but through it all those sets never failed me. I have had stax of fun!

Like family...YUP... NSI is Essential!


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